Netanyahu tells Kenyan Christians: Israel is coming back to Africa


( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with a group of Christian supporters of Israel in Kenya on Tuesday where he promised to help share Israel’s economic and technological success with emerging African nations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to a group of Kenyan Christian supporters of Israel. Credit: YouTube. 

The Israeli leader told the Christians of the common bond binding the two people together, telling a story of a boat that was found in the Sea of Galilee that was used during the time of Jesus.

“I can’t tell you that Jesus was on that boat but I can tell you that that boat was in the time of Jesus.”

Following an invitation to visit Israel, Netanyahu said that his country has made remarkable strides in agriculture, milk production and water conservation and that “we are eager to share all of this with our African friends.”

“Israel is coming back to Africa. Africa is coming back to Israel,” Netanyahu declared.

Netanyahu also spoke about the ongoing persecution of Christians in the Middle East, which he contrasted with how Christians are treated in Israel.

”In the Middle East today, unfortunately, the attitude towards Christians and Christianity is not a good one. You see what is happening with Daesh [Islamic State] in Iraq, what is happening to Christian communities and to the Yazidis and others,” Netanyahu said.

“There is one place in the Middle East where the Christian community is not only not shrinking, it’s thriving and it’s expanding and it’s safe, and it's welcome and that place is Israel. You're welcome in Israel. I’d like to receive you there, in Jerusalem,” he added.

Posted on July 6, 2016 .