Last surviving animals leave 'world's worst zoo' in Gaza


( An animal rights group rescued the last surviving animals from a zoo in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday before the closing what’s been dubbed "the world's worst zoo."

A tiger that was rescued from the Gaza Zoo by Four Paws International. Credit: Four Paws International. 

Due to financial difficulties, the supply and infrastructure at Khan Yunis Zoo deteriorated and conditions became deplorable. The zoo became so poor that many of the animals died of neglect and starvation. Some were found mummified.

In February, the Vienna-based organization Four Paws International, started providing health checks, veterinary treatment and relocation out of Gaza to Israel.

Over the summer, the group continued making trips to the zoo to sedate the remaining animals and give medical examinations such as ultrasounds and vaccinations before moving the rest of them out and closing the facility.

Posted on August 24, 2016 .