Number of Arab teachers increase in Jewish schools


( Israel’s Education Ministry has successfully integrated more Arab teachers in Jewish schools, revealing a 40 percent increase in the last three years, Walla, an Israeli news site reported.

A young girl poses in front of the sign for the Galil Jewish–Arab School in northern Israel. 

The number of Arab teachers instructing in English, math and science jumped by 76 percent while Arabic language classes gained a 40 percent increase in Arabic teachers from 2013 to 2016, according to Ministry of Education figures.

Haaretz recently reported that there was a shortage of qualified English teachers in Jewish schools, which explains why there’s been a drop in English-language proficiency among Israeli high school graduates, according to a Ministry of Education report.

The Ministry of Education tackled the problem in 2013 by launching an integration program run by its teaching personnel department and the Merchavim Institute for the Advancement ofShared Israeli Citizenship in Israel.

Posted on August 29, 2016 .