Hamas election video shows a flourishing Gaza


(JNS.org) Ahead of the Palestinian municipal elections scheduled for October, 2016. the Hamas terror group, which controls the Gaza Strip, has published a video portraying Gaza as a prosperous, bustling place to live 

The Hamas election propaganda video of Gaza 2016. Credit: Binyamin via YouTube.

Instead of its usual claim that Gaza is an "open prison camp" in dire straits due to the Israeli blockade, the terror group's video shows Gaza in an entirely different light.

The video aimed at highlighting Hamas' successes in Gaza includes newly developed neighborhoods and areas that are not only safe and clean, but filled with impressive buildings and lush parks, lakes and beaches.

Palestinian residents were also filmed in various locations, including at a soccer field and other spots, smiling and holding a sign that says, "Thank you Hamas."

Posted on August 9, 2016 .