Second Gaza humanitarian aid worker arrested for helping Hamas


( A Palestinian man working with the United Nations in the Gaza Strip has been arrested by the Israeli Shin Bet security force and accused of using his position to aid Hamas military activities.

According to the Shin Bet, Wahid Abdullah Burash, 38, of Jabilia in Gaza, had been an employee of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) since 2003 as an engineer. In 2014, Burash had been instructed by a senior Hamas official to use his position to help the terror group, including allegedly helping to construct a naval marina for Hamas in northern Gaza as well as convincing his manager to give preference in rehabilitation projects in areas inhabited by Hamas operatives.

United Nations aid worker Wahid Abdullah Burash. Credit: Shin Bet security force. 

The Shin Bet added that the interrogation of Burash also revealed additional Hamas operative embedded in other aid organizations.

"This investigation shows the manner in which Hamas takes advantage of aid resources from international organizations in Gaza, which are intended to be used as humanitarian aid for the civilian population," the Shin Bet stated.

News of Burash’s arrest comes just one week after the Shin Bet also announced the arrest of World Vision employee Mohammad Halabi, who has been accused of funneling some $50 million in charity funds to Hamas.

In a statement, Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri denied all accusations.

"The accusations are baseless and false, and they are part of the Zionist occupation's attempt to worsen the siege on Gaza by persecuting international aid organizations."

Posted on August 9, 2016 .