Palestinian Scout group misleads World Scout Movement about terror ties

( A watchdog group said the Palestinian Scout Association (PSA) has been misleading the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) by claiming they are not the group promoting a course honoring a terrorist.

 Palestinian scouts held a symbolic funeral for terrorist Alyan in Gaza. Credit: Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) found substantial evidence that the Palestinian scouts falsely told the umbrella organization there are two Palestinian scout organizations to deflect from the fact that their Jerusalem Scout Commission ran a leadership training course named “Martyr - Leader Baha Alyan Course” in honor of a terrorist, who killed three Israeli bus passengers in Oct. 2015.

The watchdog group urged the scouting organization to ensure that they do not take “part in training future scout leaders to see terrorist murderers as role models.”

The Palestinian scout group convinced the international scouting organization that they are not the group who held the course. WOSM now claims the course was held by another Palestinian scout group, called the Palestinian Scout and Guide Association. However, PMW has found no evidence that there are separate associations.

The Palestinian Scout Association is the English translation of their official Arabic name, the Palestinian Scout and Guide Association, PMW found.

More specifically, the chairman of the Jerusalem Scout Commission, a branch of PSA, is seen in a video with a senior WOSM representative and instructors of the Alyan course, celebrating PSA’s membership induction into the WOSM.

There are other photos and videos of ceremonies and events showing PSA leaders (recognized by the WOSM office), Alyan course instructors, and a senior WOSM official together, including one with the father of terrorist Alyan.

“The only conclusion to reach is that WOSM was falsely told by the PSA that there are two organizations,” PMW wrote in a bulletin. “PMW's research found no reference anywhere to two different organizations and the evidence shows beyond a doubt that the Jerusalem Scout Commission is part of the PSA that has membership in WOSM. Accordingly, it was the WOSM-affiliated PSA that ran the "Martyr Baha Alyan Course."


Posted on September 15, 2016 .