Four terror attacks in Israel after long lull


( Four terrorist attacks took place on Friday in Israel following a period of calm amid a wave of terror attacks against Israelis since October 2015.

In the first incident, a Jordanian man tried to stab an Israeli border policeman at the Damascus gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) border police shot and killed the man as he ran at them yelling, "Allahu akbar," (God is great.) 

Zaka volunteers near the scene of an attempted terror attack at the Damascus gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Credit: Zaka,

According to the Israel Police spokesperson’s unit, the terrorist held a knife in each hand, and was later found to carry a third knife on his body. 

In the second incident, two Palestinian terrorists, a man and a woman, attempted a car-ramming attack on IDF soldiers using a truck at the entrance to the Kiryat Arba Israeli village near Hebron, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The attackers tried to run over Israeli soldiers with their vehicle. IDF forces killed the male driver and neutralized the female passenger. 

After a sweep of the scene by the security forces, the female was evacuated by the Red Crescent in a critical condition, according to David Adrai, from the Israeli emergency response organization ZAKA in the Shai region.

Additionally, two other terror attacks were reported. A bus traveling between Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim was pelted with rocks and glass bottles filled with paint. The driver was lightly wounded. An IDF soldier was also lightly wounded in a stabbing attack at a junction near Hebron and taken to the hospital for treatment, the Times of Israel reported.

Posted on September 16, 2016 .