Five Israeli Arabs charged with attempt to form Islamic State branch


( Five Israeli Arabs from the Galilee were sentenced to jail for up to six years as part of a plea bargain for attempting to join the Islamic State and harm Israel, the Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday.

The flag of the Islamic State. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Out of seven defendants, five were indicted in the Haifa District Court for plotting to carry out terror attacks in Israel, being members of, and aiding, a banned terror group, and plotting to set up an Islamic State branch in Israel.

Israel's Security Agency Shin Bet said that all seven, who were arrested in November and December 2014, confessed that they conspired to create a "Salafi Jihadist" group with allegiance to the Islamic State.

The number of Israeli Arabs attempting to join the Islamic State has been increasing in recent months.

Posted on September 8, 2016 .