Palestinian media depicts Israeli soldier killing Santa Claus in cartoon


The cartoon the Palestinian Authority’s official newspaper used to promote its libel against Israel claiming it carries out “executions” of innocent Palestinians. Credit: Palestinian Media Watch,

( In a bloody twist on the Christmas spirit, the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) official daily newspaper used Santa Claus to promote a libel claiming that Israel carries out “executions” of innocent Palestinians.

In a cartoon featured in the PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida Dec. 26, an Israeli soldier is shown standing above a bleeding Santa Claus who had apparently just been shot at a security checkpoint with a mosque and a church in the background, with the soldier saying, “He tried to carry out a stabbing operation.”

According to Palestinian Media Watch, a watchdog group that documents incitement in Palestinian media, the cartoon is part of a larger libel against Israel stemming from the wave of stabbing terror attacks during the last few years.

“After many Palestinian terrorists were killed while carrying out stabbing attacks during the terror wave in 2015-2016, the PA started to claim that Israel planted the knives next to the 'innocent' Palestinian 'victims,'" Palestinian Media Watch noted, adding, “PA and Fatah leaders have reiterated this libel numerous times, even about terror attacks that were documented by security cameras.”

Another cartoon featured in the PA newspaper depicted Santa Claus being accosted by two Israeli soldiers with Star of David on their helmets.

“Santa is held at gunpoint while the second soldier is holding a knife, presumably about to plant it next to Santa to fabricate a stabbing attack by Santa to create a pretext to murder him,” Palestinian Media Watch said.                                                                            

Posted on January 5, 2017 .