New Israeli technology to assist in patients’ pain management


(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to New Israeli technology will help assess and monitor the pain levels of anesthetized patients and enable pain relief medication to be administered more effectively during surgical procedures.

An illustration of the pain management technology developed by the Israeli company Medasense Biometrics. Credit: Facebook.

The system analyzes a patient’s physiological responses during an operation and indicates the level of pain being experienced, while allowing patients under anesthesia to “communicate” with doctors and receive appropriate medication.

The technology is the brainchild of the Israeli company Medasense Biometrics. It has been on the market in Europe since early 2017 and recently received approval from the Israeli Health Ministry.

The system will be introduced to the Israeli market next week during the annual international conference hosted by the Israeli Society of Anesthesiologists.

“There are no clinical tools today that enable the assessment and monitoring of pain levels in an objective manner,” said Medasense founder and CEO Galit Zuckerman.

“The consensus today is that objective pain assessment will revolutionize the way a patient’s pain is treated because on the one hand it will allow for pain reduction in patients, and on the other hand it will minimize side effects caused by excessive use of pain medication,” she said.

Posted on November 3, 2017 .