Canadian trade school ends ban on Israeli students following international controversy



The website of Canada's Island School of Building Arts. Credit: Island School of Building Arts.

( The Island School of Building Arts (ISBA), a Canadian trade school that specializes in teaching wood construction and design, backtracked on its rejection of an Israeli applicant based on his nationality following an international controversy.

After submitting his application to the British Columbia-based school for a $2,500 course, Stav Doron received an email from the school’s manager, Patricia Rokosh, which stated, “Due to the conflict and illegal settlement activity in the region, we are not accepting applications from Israel.”

Shortly thereafter, Doron’s story made headlines around the world. Multiple Canadian-Jewish institutions, including Canada's Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, issued outraged inquiries demanding that ISBA clarify and renounce its discriminatory policy.

After the backlash, the trade school swiftly changed its policy, stating on its website, “After significant thought and listening to all interested parties, ISBA has decided to rescind any restriction placed on accepting students from Israel and apologize for any impact or inconvenience. ISBA remains acceptant to all and will continue to do so without restrictions.”

Despite the policy reversal, Doron has yet to confirm whether he will reapply to the school.

Posted on February 1, 2017 .