Netanyahu says Israel is 'perfect partner' for China during meeting with President Xi


( Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Chinese President Xi Jinping that the Jewish state can be a “perfect partner” for China as the Asian nation seeks to grow its high-tech sector.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Credit: Haim Zach/GPO.

“We admire China’s capabilities, its position on the world stage and in history,” Netanyahu said in his meeting with President Xi at Beijing’s Diaoyutai State Guest House. 

“We have always believed…that Israel can be a partner, a junior partner, but a perfect partner for China in the development of a variety of technologies that change the way we live, how long we live, how healthy we live, the water we drink, the food we eat, the milk that we drink—in every area,” Netanyahu said. 

Prior to the meeting, both countries sign a number of bilateral agreements identifying a number of areas for increased cooperation, including “air pollution control, waste management, environmental monitoring, water conservation and purification, as well as hi-tech fields.”

China and Israel also plan to establish “a global technology transfer center, innovation parks and an innovative cooperation center.” 

Netanyahu added that he is particularly eager about the bilateral agreement on innovation.

“We have signed many agreements, but I think that your decision to announce a comprehensive innovation partnership between China and Israel is a tremendously important decision, certainly for us in Israel, and I believe through our cooperation, for China as well,” the Israeli leader said.

Posted on March 21, 2017 .