Palestinian terrorist kills British exchange student on Jerusalem light rail


( A Palestinian terrorist killed a 21-year-old British woman and wounded two other people riding on Jerusalem’s light rail in a stabbing attack Friday, with Israeli police and civilians helping wrestle the terrorist to the ground and arresting him.

Israeli ZAKA emergency response volunteers clean up and collect remains at the scene of Friday's Palestinian terror attack on the Jerusalem light rail. Credit: Courtesy ZAKA.

The slain victim, exchange student Hannah Bladon, had taken Bible studies, archaeology and religion courses at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The attack took place near the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, which was crowded with tourists marking Passover and Good Friday.

“This week thousands have come through the ancient gates of Jerusalem, to celebrate the feasts of Passover and Easter throughout the city—while the security forces work to ensure the safety of the dear residents and visitors to the city,” said Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. “And so we will continue to do. Terror can never overcome us. Terror will never destroy our lives here.”

Israel’s Shin Bet security agency identified the terrorist as Jamil Tamimi, 57, from the Ras al-Amud neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem. 

According to the Shin Bet, Tamimi recently tried to commit suicide by swallowing a razor blade at a hospital in northern Israel, and was found guilty of sexually assaulting his daughter in 2011.

“This is another case, out of many, where a Palestinian who is suffering from personal, mental or moral issues chose to carry out a terror attack in order to find a way out of their problems,” the Shin Bet said in a statement.

Posted on April 14, 2017 .