Palestinian police detain elite IDF soldiers during undercover operation


( Two undercover combat soldiers from an elite IDF unit were exposed and detained by Palestinian security forces in Nablus Saturday, in the midst of a clandestine operation. 

Soldiers from the IDF’s Duvdevan, an Arab-speaking elite special forces unit, are pictured during an operation to arrest terror suspects in October 2015. Two undercover Duvdevan soldiers were exposed and detained by Palestinian security forces in Nablus Saturday. Credit: IDF Spokesperson/Flash90.

Palestinian police officers reportedly stopped a car that the two undercover soldiers were driving after their identities had been uncovered. The soldiers were detained on a main street in the neighborhood of Rafidia, where large numbers of IDF soldiers were dispatched to protect the apprehended soldiers after Palestinian teenagers began rioting and throwing rocks at the commandos.

The Israeli soldiers were taken to the Nablus police station for questioning and, with the assistance of Israel’s Civil Administration, were returned to the IDF near An-Najah University in Nablus along with their weapons, equipment and vehicle. 

The soldiers involved in the incident were part of Duvdevan, the IDF’s special Arab-speaking counter-terrorism unit, known in Hebrew as “Mistaravim.”

Posted on April 16, 2017 .