Israeli intelligence chief warns of ‘Iranian crescent,’ missile factories in Lebanon


( The director-general of Israel’s Intelligence Ministry, Chagai Tzuriel, warned Monday of a “whole new kind of threat” against Israel taking hold inside Lebanon, involving increasing Iranian influence along the Jewish state’s borders.

Iranian anti-tank missiles, belonging to Hezbollah forces, that were captured by IDF forces in southern Lebanon in 2006. Credit: IDF.

Tzuriel expressed concern regarding the “huge development” of advanced Iranian weapons workshops building missiles inside Lebanon. The creation of a corridor between Iran and Lebanon, through Iraq and Syria—dubbed the “Iranian crescent”—is a more immediate threat than the Iranian nuclear issue, Tzuriel emphasized.

He also voiced concern regarding Iran’s role in Syria, telling reporters, “Israel believes that if Iran bases itself for the long run in Syria, it will be a constant source of friction and tension…And I think that may be only the tip of the iceberg. We’re talking here about the creation of an Iranian crescent.”

The intelligence chief made the comments at an event organized by The Israel Project, a non-partisan American educational organization. His remarks came within a week of the U.S., Russia and Israel reportedly agreeing on the need to restrain, and eventually expel, Iran and its terror proxies from Syria.

Posted on April 4, 2017 .