Israeli man attacked by stone-throwing rioters, kills Palestinian assailant


( An Israeli man, who was attacked Thursday by Palestinian rioters throwing stones at his car outside of the city of Nablus, shot and killed one of the attackers and injured two others.

An Israeli man's car windshield, pictured here, was smashed by Palestinian rioters Thursday before the Israeli man shot and killed one of the attackers. Credit: YouTube.

According to an IDF spokesperson, “hundreds of Palestinians threw rocks at passing vehicles” during the riot.  

The Israeli man later told Israel’s Channel 2 that the Palestinian he shot in self-defense “almost lynched” him.

“Thank God I managed to get out of there…I looked death in the eyes,” he said.

Seconds after the Israeli man killed the Palestinian, an IDF vehicle pulled up and dispersed the crowd with tear gas.

A Samaria Regional Council spokesperson said the Israeli man, who is a father of eight and a social worker, is a resident of the Itamar community near Nablus and was on his way home from shopping when the incident occurred.

The Samaria Regional Council said it was the third day straight that Palestinians had been rioting in the area. The protest was reportedly being held in solidarity with the hundreds of Palestinians on hunger strike in Israeli jails.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, said he “totally supports the resident who defended his life and the lives of those around him against attackers.”

A video posted by the Times of Israel of the Israeli man’s car shows a smashed windshield and dents, apparently from the rock throwing. 

Posted on May 19, 2017 .