Arab-Israeli terror cell arrested for plot to kill Israeli officer


( Members of an Arab-Israeli terror cell were detained during a raid in the town of Jaljulia on suspicion of “trafficking in illegal war material,” Israel’s Shin Bet security agency revealed Thursday.

The logo of Israel’s Shin Bet security agency. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

A terrorist plot to assassinate an Israeli army officer, as revenge for March’s killing of Hamas terror commander Mazen Faqha, was uncovered in the investigation leading up to the joint Shin Bet-Israel Police raid.

Hamas accuses Israel of carrying out the assassination of Faqha, but has not presented any evidence. Israel has not claimed responsibility. 

Seven terror cell members were arrested by security services during the raid, including two brothers, Adam Ismail Muhammad Faki, 25, and Faras Ismail Muhammad Faki, 27. 

The younger Faki brother was recruited and trained by Hamas during a December 2014 visit to Gaza. In April, according to the Shin Bet, Hamas tasked him with carrying out a revenge attack on an Israeli army officer, and instructed him to acquire weapons and recruit an additional member to carry out the terror operation.

Posted on June 8, 2017 .