Thousands attend joint funeral for Israeli family members killed in terror attack


( Some 10,000 Israelis attended the joint funeral of Yosef, Chaya and Elad Salomon, who were stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist last Friday night in their home in Halamish. 

From left to right, Chaya, Yosef and Elad Salomon, victims of last Friday night's Palestinian terror attack in Halamish. Credit: Facebook.

Yosef Salomon’s wife, Tova, who was wounded in the terror attack and is still recovering from her wounds, did not attend the funeral. During Sunday’s ceremony, hundreds of mourners formed a human chain from the Salomon family’s Halamish home to the cemetery, with Israeli flags lining the highway.

“Only a person with no glimmer of humanity could have acted against Yossi (Yosef Salomon) and his family. Yossi made everyone he was around happy. He was a generous donor, both to community causes and to poor families,” said Rabbi Yonatan Glass, the Halamish community’s rabbi.

The terror attack in Halamish came on the heels of a Palestinian-incited “day of rage,” in which riots erupted after Friday prayers in response to the installation of metal detectors at the entrance gates to the Temple Mount. Israel bolstered security following the July 14 Arab terror attack that killed two Israeli Druze policemen near the holy site.

Posted on July 24, 2017 .