Anti-IDF group Breaking the Silence faces wave of event cancellations


(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to An event featuring Breaking the Silence, an organization that promotes criticism of the IDF, was canceled at Kibbutz Neve Ur in northern Israel Monday due to pressure from kibbutz residents.

The Hebrew-language logo of Breaking the Silence. Credit: Breaking the Silence.

The decision follows a wave of similar cancellations of events featuring the controversial group in kibbutzim and other small communities. Breaking the Silence collects testimonies from former Israeli soldiers on alleged human rights violations against Palestinians in the disputed territories.

All of the canceled Breaking the Silence events were initially planned to be held in public buildings. Faced with fierce resistance from residents, some of the meetings were forced to move to private homes or rented auditoriums. In one kibbutz, event planners rented an auditorium in a nearby hotel, and in another, the conference was moved from the kibbutz meeting hall to another facility sponsored by the area’s regional council.

Posted on July 4, 2017 .