Major Palestinian terror attack foiled on outskirts of Jerusalem


( A major terrorist attack was foiled Tuesday near eastern Jerusalem’s Mizmorah checkpoint, Israeli police said.

A view of eastern Jerusalem. Credit: Anthony Baratier via Wikimedia Commons.

During the search of a suspicious Palestinian vehicle, police found a bag filled with knives, stun grenades and materials for producing Molotov cocktails.

The Palestinian vehicle, which was headed to Jerusalem from Nablus, was stopped after police noticed its license plates displayed different sets of numbers. 

After stopping the vehicle, police ordered six Palestinian passengers to exit the car and undergo a search. The Palestinians did not have the necessary permits to enter through the checkpoint. 

After police discovered the cache of weapons, the suspects were detained, the vehicle was seized and the checkpoint was temporarily sealed. A police spokesperson said the suspects confessed they were plotting to carry out a terror attack in Jerusalem.

Posted on July 6, 2017 .