Mennonite Church USA votes to divest from Israel


( The Mennonite Church USA voted Thursday to divest from any financial holdings of companies profiting from Israel’s “occupation.”

The Mennonite Church USA logo. Credit: Mennonite Church USA.

A divestment resolution, which received 98-percent support among the 550 delegates at the Church’s national convention in Orlando, Fla., says the Protestant sect “opposes the Israeli military occupation while taking a stand against anti-Semitism and affirming the need to build stronger relationships with Jewish communities.”

The resolution asks the Church’s financial agency, Everence, to “review investment practices for the purpose of withdrawing investments from companies that are profiting from the occupation.” It also calls on individual adherents of the Mennonite denomination to review their investments.

Drawing its roots from the Radical Reformation of the 16th century in Germany and Switzerland, Mennonite Church USA was formed as a result of the 2002 merger between the Mennonite Church and General Conference Mennonite Church. Like other mainline Protestant movements, Mennonite Church USA has suffered substantial membership declines in recent decades. Mennonite Church USA stated its membership was 78,000 in 2016. 

Earlier this month, another mainline Protestant church, the United Church of Christ, overwhelmingly approved a resolution condemning Israel for its alleged treatment of Palestinian children. 

Posted on July 7, 2017 .