Fatah leader calls for ‘enlightened’ changes in Palestinian society


(JNS.org) Fatah Revolutionary Committee member Muwaffaq Matar recently called for fundamental changes in Palestinian society in an op-ed published in the Palestinian Authority’s official daily newspaper, Palestinian Media Watch reported this week.

The Fatah flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

In an op-ed titled “Murder for [family] honor - terror and racism,” the Fatah leader called for new “enlightened attitudes” towards women and a “revolution” in Palestinian education.  

Matar took issue with Islamic honor killings of women, a trend that has plagued Palestinian society for decades. He determined that honor killings could only be stopped by ending their root cause, which lies in a Palestinian culture that glorifies “killing for God.”

“Equality between men and women in all political, civil, financial, social, and cultural rights is a set goal,” wrote Matar. 

“Discrimination against women constitutes a violation of the principles of human rights... If we wish to liberate our society from the octopus grip of this crime (honor killings), we must purify our outlook, our books, and our heritage from the sanctification of killing for God and honor and from the glorification of weapons,” he wrote.

Matar’s op-ed contrasts with the incitement to violence that is frequently endorsed by senior Palestinian officials.

Posted on August 15, 2017 .