Israel’s ambassador to Egypt returns to post after nine-month hiatus


( Israel’s ambassador to Egypt David Govrin is back at his post in Cairo following a nearly nine-month hiatus after being pulled out due to security concerns. 

The Egyptian flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Gorvin landed in Cairo Tuesday along with a staff of eight Israeli diplomats, and then was escorted by a “large security motorcade” to the Israeli embassy, the Egypt Independent reported.

“The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not notified the Egyptian Foreign Ministry about security procedures, however, due to safety concerns, the return of the Foreign Ministry embassy staff to Cairo has been restricted, according to spokesperson for Shin Bet, Israel’s lead security agency,” the report said.

 Last December, due to credible threats about a possible terror attack on the embassy, Israel's ambassador to Egypt was summoned home. Israel asked Egyptian authorities to implement a series of security measures before returning the envoy.

Israel closed its Cairo embassy in September 2011 during the Egyptian presidency of former Muslim Brother leader Mohammed Morsi. At that time, it was overrun by thousands of protesters who breached the outer wall and forced embassy staffers into a safe room.


Posted on August 29, 2017 .