6 French soldiers wounded in car-ramming, in attack resembling Palestinian terror


(JNS.org) A car rammed into a group of soldiers standing guard in the northwestern Parisian suburb of Levallois Wednesday morning, severely wounding two troops and slightly wounding four others, French police said.

The scene after Wednesday's car-ramming attack in the Parisian suburb of Levallois. Credit: YouTube.

The use of a vehicle as a weapon in Wednesday’s Paris attack resembles attacks carried out in Israel by Palestinian terrorists, who have frequently used vehicles to ram into Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Witnesses at the scene described seeing a BMW with one person inside the vehicle parked near a building used by the soldiers. The vehicle struck the troops as they emerged from the building to change the guards stationed at the front of the site. 

A police spokesperson said French security forces launched a manhunt for the suspect following the incident. The official added that although the ramming attack was clearly intentional, the suspect’s motive has not been determined.

The injured soldiers, from the French Army’s 35th Infantry Regiment, were hospitalized at the Percy military hospital in southern Paris. 

France’s Interior Ministry stated that the troops were on active guard duty in the French capital as part of Operation Sentinelle, which was implemented after a series of deadly Islamic terror attacks in 2015. 

Posted on August 9, 2017 .