Israeli movie ‘Foxtrot’ is frontrunner for top prize at Venice Film Festival


( The Israeli film “Foxtrot” is a frontrunner at the Venice Film Festival to win the Golden Lion award, the event’s top prize.

A film poster for "Foxtrot." Credit: Facebook.

The film, which is partially influenced by director Samuel Maoz’s own military experience in the IDF, details the story of an affluent Tel Aviv couple that is informed its young son, a soldier, has been killed in the line of duty at an isolated roadblock in Israel’s Negev desert. 

Critics at the Italian festival have praised Foxtrot, while in Israel, Maoz has been reproached for his depiction of the IDF and the effect that decades of conflict have had on the Israeli population. 

“I could create a [story of] horrible crime in the Israeli police and nobody would say [anything],” Maoz, The Associated Press said. “But if you touch the army, this is very, very sensitive.”

Foxtrot’s nomination for the film festival’s top prize comes eight years after Maoz’s debut feature film, the critically acclaimed “Lebanon,” won the Golden Lion award. Foxtrot premieres at the Venice Film Festival Sept. 2 before it is screened at the Toronto International Film Festival Sept. 7. 

Posted on September 3, 2017 .