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With the upcoming renewal of the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA), which enables a range of sanctions targeting Iran's nuclear program and ballistic missile tests, the best message we can send to the Iranians is that the United States isn't as easily fooled and seduced as their lackeys in the European Union, writes JNS.org's Ben Cohen.

After months of dithering, the Obama administration has finally taken some action against the Lebanese Islamist terror organization Hezbollah, writes JNS.org's Ben Cohen.

If synagogues are to now join college campuses in fostering the establishment of “safe spaces,” then we are truly witnessing the implosion of what was once the bastion of inclusivity and tolerance. 

As Americans, we must back a U.S. House of Representatives resolution that provides American support to establish a safe haven in Iraq's Nineveh Plains region to protect Christian Arabs suffering from ISIS-led genocide.

B’Tselem can self-identify as an Israeli organization, but as its recent U.N. Security Council speech shows, with the exception of international audiences, such as donors in Europe and repressive regimes at the U.N., nobody is listening to B’Tselem.

Whatever trouble Israel experiences on the global stage, it’s past time for vindictive attempts to discriminate against its athletes and exclude it from world sports to end for good. 

Does President Barack Obama intend to abandon the decades of bipartisan U.S. policy of vetoing anti-Israel U.N. Security Council resolutions and is he preparing to allow the body to pass a resolution supporting or recognizing a Palestinian Arab state, and declaring Jewish communities built within it to be illegal? 

One aspect of the Islamic State's (ISIS) campaign of genocide against the Yazidi religious minority in Iraq and Syria has been the kidnapping of thousands of Yazidi women and girls to serve as sexual slaves to these savages, writes JNS.org's Ben Cohen.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas suffered chest pains this week and was rushed to a hospital in Ramallah. The episode was an important reminder of the dangers and risks Israel will face if it heeds demands for the quick creation of a Palestinian state, writes JNS.org's Stephen Flatow.


Some may think anti-Semitism ended decades ago, when the horror of the Holocaust was exposed. But the new anti-Semitism is expressed by those who are anti-Israel, masquerading behind humanitarian relief, nongovernmental organizations and so-called “reconciliation” ministries, according to Carla Brewington, a Christian volunteer with the organization StandWithUs.

Alan Gross, the U.S. government contractor who spent five years in a Cuban prison, says he's appreciative of the monumental efforts by the Jewish community in securing his 2014 release. 


First, given Donald Trump's diabolical performance, it’s hard to conceive of anyone voting for him for any reason other than implacable opposition to Hillary Clinton and fear of her worst excesses.

Second, that both candidates have a completely different understanding of national security; for Trump, it starts at home, with the first line of defense, while for Clinton, it hinges upon America's global alliances. 


A group advocating Palestinian statehood took out a full-page ad in The New York Times last week to warn that there will be "a Palestinian majority" in Israel in less than a decade unless such a state is created. A reader of the ad might think he had fallen into a time warp and ended up sometime prior to the signing of the 1993 Oslo accords.



By secretly dispersing his money to influence politicians and the media, Billionaire George Soros hopes to drive a wedge between America and Israel without anyone noticing. This approach is wrongheaded and shameful. And it’s not new.


Jonathan Elkoury, who fled the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah's rule in his homeland,  says that to improve the life of Christians everywhere, Israeli Christians should speak out about their positive experiences as minorities in the Holy Land.

The name, Joan Edelstein Davenny, is relatively unknown outside of the Connecticut community where she was a teacher and among her family and friends who knew her. Joan was one of the victims of an August 21, 1995 suicide bomb attack on a downtown Jerusalem bus. A little research on Joan shows that she grew up in San Francisco, Calif. So it’s shocking to me that a major university in San Francisco is partnering with a Palestinian university that honors the killers of a prominent San Francisco woman, writes JNS.org columnist Stephen Flatow. 

With the off-again on-again University of California, Berkeley course, "Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis," credits are awarded based on "assignments, group presentation and participation" – which means that if you attend a demonstration and burn an Israeli flag, you'll be on your way to an "A" grade, writes JNS.org columnist Ben Cohen. 


Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes Israeli entrepreneurs succeed because they challenge authority, question everything, and don’t go by the rules. Schmidt’s statements not only apply to Israel’s high tech businesses and start-up companies, but also to Israel’s budding medical marijuana industry, writes JNS.org "Israel Girl" columnist Eliana Rudee. 

Whatever one’s views on the Middle East, progressive voices should rally against the disruption of speech. If not, they should have the honesty to admit that they believe in one standard of speech for Israel’s supporters and another for everyone else, writes JNS.org contributor Daniel Elbaum, who is Assistant Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC).


During her speech at the United Nations “anti-Semitism” conference on Sept. 7, 2016, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power failed to even mention the term “Muslim” or “Islamic anti-Semitism” which constituted a major portion of the physical and verbal anti-Jewish attacks.