Entrepreneur and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang backtracked on Monday after telling The New York Times in a survey last week that Palestinian refugees and their descendants should have the right to return to Israel.

In response to the question: “Should all Palestinian refugees and their descendants have the right to return to Israel?” Yang simply answered “Yes.”

Eric Weinstein, a managing director at Thiel Capital, tweeted the question with a screenshot of Yang’s answer and added: “You need to say more Andrew.”

Yang replied, “Thanks Eric. It was answered by a staffer who I think misunderstood the question. I believe that Palestinians should have a say in their future but I do not believe that all refugees and descendants have the right to return to Israel. Appreciate your calling it out.”

Additionally, in the survey on Israel issues, Yang pledged to keep the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, where it was relocated from Tel Aviv in May 2018.

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