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Siemens agrees to boycott Israel for $360 million Turkish deal

The German conglomerate’s deal to provide trains may run afoul of U.S. state anti-BDS laws.

Siemens headquarters in Munich, Germany. Credit: Rufus46 via Wikimedia Commons.
Siemens headquarters in Munich, Germany. Credit: Rufus46 via Wikimedia Commons.

Despite months of denials from the German company Siemens, the Zachor Legal Institute, an Israeli activist group, has now found the new business contract the German corporation signed with Turkey, agreeing to abide by the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Israel boycott policy.

The deal for Siemens to create high-speed trains is worth $360 million. However, this decision may bump up against states that invest in Siemens.

Officials from both California and Arizona told The Washington Free Beacon that they were investigating if the deal breaks their laws. The rise of the anti-Israel BDS movement has inspired laws at the state level in at least 36 states to deter companies from participating, threatening the loss of government contracts for those who do.

Ron Machol, chief operating officer of Zachor, pointed out how Siemens had apologized for using forced labor during World War II, but that “this new evidence of boycotting Israel indicates that this company is still willing to prioritize profits by engaging in economic warfare, this time against the Jewish State of Israel.”

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