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‘France24’ fired second journalist earlier this year for antisemitism

After posting antisemitic material, the journalist reportedly refused to sign an ethics statement.

France24 fired Joelle Maroun, its Beirut correspondent, last March for antisemitic comments. According to CAMERA, the French state-owned outlet dismissed another journalist at some unknown point thereafter, also for making antisemitic comments.

Dina Abi-Saab reportedly refused to sign an ethics charter, which forbids inciting antisemitism, reportedly leading to the dismissal. The firing was revealed a month ago during a “heated” session of the French Parliament, according to CAMERA.

France24 evidently knows there’s a serious problem to be addressed,” Andrea Levin, executive director of CAMERA, stated in a release.

“That’s important,” she added. “Hopefully, they realize the full implications—that activist antisemites on their staff will undermine the integrity of the entire enterprise—as antisemitism so often does when it’s not vigorously renounced and removed.”

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