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Caroline Glick: What the war against judicial reform is really about

“The Caroline Glick Show” with Caroline Glick and Guest Yoram Hazony, Ep. 46

The left’s total war against the Netanyahu government’s judicial reform plan seems to know no bounds, and is seemingly impenetrable to information or substantive discussion, says Caroline Glick on this week’s episode of “The Caroline Glick Show.”

Indeed, with each passing day, as the left outdoes itself in violence and extremism, it appears that what we are seeing is more psychologically than policy based, she says. In this sense, she continues, the left’s revolt has more in common with the anti-Trump mobs in the United States than with any previous Israeli protest movement.

To understand what stands behind the protests from both a social and programmatic perspective, Caroline’s guest this week is Dr. Yoram Hazony, author of “Conservatism: A Rediscovery,” president of the Herzl Institute and founder of the NatCon movement. Hazony and Caroline discuss the development and transformation of the left in Israel over the decades and its ties with progressives in the U.S. and Europe.

In her opening remarks, Caroline discusses Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s decision last week to cast true compromise to the four winds and put forward a “compromise” that aligns perfectly with the views of the legal fraternity led by Supreme Court President Esther Hayut.

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