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Corona replay

The World Health Organization is now tracking a new COVID-19 variant, named "Pirola."

Credit: Yaakov (DryBones) Kirschen.
Credit: Yaakov (DryBones) Kirschen.

A new COVID-19 variant, BA.2.86, has been discovered.

The World Health Organization is now tracking it and calling it “Pirola.”

Outside of Israel, it has been detected (so far) in at least seven different countries, namely the United States (where First Lady Jill Biden tested positive), the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and South Africa. 

Scientists predict that this “outbreak” will be less severe than that of the Alpha, Delta or Omicron variants, because most people on Earth have now been vaccinated and/or infected by the virus.

It feels like somebody is playing with us.

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