The Palestinian Authority explains the establishment of the modern State of Israel as follows: First, it denies all of Jewish history in the region, including denying the thousands of archaeological finds that testify to Jewish history. Second, to explain why Jews moved to Israel they claim that Zionism was a European colonialist idea in order to get rid of Jews because “their character traits were unbearable,” as well as to establish a Western stronghold in the Middle East to “steal the region’s resources” and prevent the Arab nations from uniting:

“[Fatah Central Committee member Abbas] Zaki emphasized that normalization with the occupation under any pretext constitutes part of the growing plot against our people’s struggle. He explained that the Palestinian people, through its struggle, has always constituted an impregnable wall against the colonialist Zionist project that wants to take over the resources of the Arab peoples, and against the spread of Zionism towards the Arab region.” [Official P.A. daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 11, 2019]

In the same speech, Zaki called on Palestinians and Arabs to act against “normalization” and stop Arab countries from visiting “the Zionist entity,” as it is “the greatest danger to our Arab nation”:

“[Zaki] also noted that there is a need for popular action against the process of normalization, by means of Arab forces and parties that need to raise their voices in order to stop this official running towards the Zionist entity, which is still occupying the country and constitutes the greatest danger to our Arab nation.”

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