Despite having their lives turned upside down, once again, by the latest barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip, resident of Israel’s south say they trust the Israel Defense Forces to protect them. But they are calling on the government to act quickly to resolve the tense security situation.

After rocket-weary Israeli communities in southern Israel were pummeled by hundreds of projectiles on Monday, Guy Teitelbaum from Kibbutz Kerem Shalom said the latest assault was “different” from previous rocket attacks.

“The rockets are a matter of life and death. The government doesn’t seem to understand what this is doing to our kids,” he lamented. “They [Israeli forces] bomb them and destroy [targets in Gaza], but then they end up just bringing materials in [to Gaza] through the border crossings. It’s absurd.”

Ronnie Kissin, also from Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, said “small children spent the night in fear. We are tired and on edge. If you don’t have solutions, then don’t be in the government. And if you have solutions, implement them!”

“The kids are in the fortified room. The situation makes my blood boil.”

“Residents of the Gaza periphery have proved more than once that there is no such thing as impossible,” she continued. “We are strong, but we sense the government’s powerlessness. If you don’t have solutions, don’t sit where you are sitting.”

Sharon Calderon from Kibbutz Sufa told Israel Hayom that “just like it has been for the last 17 years, no one is taking us into consideration.”

Efrat Hemo from Sderot added that “we are now sitting in the fortified room, and just a minute ago there was a Code Red [siren]. It is very scary. The kids are having nightmares; they are terrified, and they won’t let me out of their sight. This looks more serious than ever before. I have never been as frightened as I am today.”

“My son is enlisting [in the IDF] in another two weeks, and my stomach is turning,” said Calderon. “We are like sitting ducks.”

Rachel Avnit from Sderot said “the kids are in the fortified room. The situation makes my blood boil.”

‘It’s going to be a long ordeal’

In response to the escalation, GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi traveled to southern Israeli communities to meet with the heads of local authorities.

Hof Ashkelon Regional Council head Yair Farjun stated, “We made it clear to the major general: In order for Jerusalem to make peace and Tel Aviv to provide for the economy, the periphery must be strong.”

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi said “in the end, the State of Israel is not surrounded by people who love it. We can’t live in fantasy land. This reality will not come to an end today or tomorrow. It’s going to be a long ordeal.”

Sdot Negev Regional Council head Tamir Idan added that “we are continuing to do what must be done.”

Ashkelon Mayor Tomer Glam said “uncompromising discipline saves lives. I call on people to congregate as little as possible. We should not criticize the security establishment; we should strengthen it.”

He also wished “a speedy recovery to all of the injured.”