Hamas is encouraging rioters to return to the Israeli border on Friday to take part in what have become daily violent attacks against troops and even the border itself.

The “March of Return” began on March 30 as a weekly demonstration by Gazans at the Israeli border, but has recently devolved into daily terrorism against Israel Defense Forces’ soldiers, with rioters infiltrating the security fence, throwing bombs and Molotov cocktails, and burning tires to create a toxic smokescreen.

On Thursday, the IDF ramped up its armored forces along the border. According to reports from Israeli residents in the area, it has been years since the concentration of troops along the Gaza border was this high.

On Wednesday, a rocket launched from Gaza scored a direct hit on an Israeli home about 30 miles (47 kilometers) east of the border in the city of Beersheva. The family—a mother and three children—managed to take refuge in the home’s bomb shelter just seconds before the rocket tore through, destroying the house.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad issued a joint statement following the attack, saying they “oppose rocket fire that hurts the efforts to lift the siege,” but did not go as far as denying the launch.

Israel responded by attacking 20 terror targets across Gaza.