Top Palestinian Authority official Hussein al-Sheikh revealed that Shin Bet security services chief Nadav Argaman and other Israeli security officials held a meeting with him to discuss ways to lower tensions in Judea and Samaria.

Al-Sheikh told Palestine TV that “we sent a very clear message that the dangerous escalation targeting the occupied lands is unacceptable for us, and that we will not stand by idly in the face of this dangerous escalation targeting our cities, villages and refugee camps.”

He said he told the Israelis that the Israel Defense Forces, and the residents of Judea and Samaria, were “massacring” agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization with their “behavior.”

The statements come after the killing of two Israeli soldiers and one premature Israeli baby last week, as well as the severe injury of two additional soldiers, in three separate attacks.

In two of the attacks, Palestinian terrorists targeted people standing on the side of the road with gunfire, and one attack was perpetrated by a Palestinian who infiltrated an army position and bashed a soldier in the head with a rock.

Security forces combed the areas, arresting multiple suspects and accomplices.

The Palestinians are accusing local Israelis of throwing stones at Arab cars on Route 60, and allege they also broke windows and uprooted recently planted trees in the area.

In a Kan news report, a Palestinian source said Jordan has also involved itself, telling the Palestinians that “they conveyed a message to Israel that if it continues with its moves in the West Bank, that will lead to a more complicated situation, and greater violence and tensions.”

Al-Sheikh also confirmed that Jordan and Egypt have both been pressuring Israel to ease up on security measures.