Two terrorists were killed and one was seriously injured on Sunday morning when an Israeli tank issued reprisals on an Islamic Jihad position in southern Gaza, after Palestinians planted a bomb along the security fence.

The Israel Defense Forces reported that an improvised explosive disguised as a set of bolt cutters was placed at the security fence, with the explosives hidden inside the handles. An IDF army robot neutralized the device in a controlled explosion.

The Islamic Jihad post that was targeted by the IDF overlooked the portion of fence where the bomb was planted.

Late Saturday night, several Hamas positions in southern Gaza were targeted by Israeli fighter jets following an infiltration into the fence earlier in the day.

On Saturday morning, four Palestinians crossed the fence into Israel from southern Gaza, threw a Molotov cocktail explosive and left a message: “March of Return: returning to the lands of Palestine.”

Dozens of flaming kites carrying petrol were sent from Gaza across the border over the weekend, setting off several fires in Israeli fields. Approximately 300 arson kites have been flown across the border in the last month, sparking 100 fires.