Israeli security forces on Monday shot and killed a terrorist trying ‎to breach the Gaza border.‎

The Israel Defense Forces reported that two Palestinians were attempting to cross the security ‎fence when troops patrolling the area spotted them and opened fire. ‎One of the terrorists fled back into Gaza. The Palestinian who was ‎killed was found to be carrying an ax. ‎

On Sunday, several Palestinians managed to breach the border fence. They vandalized equipment belonging to a civilian ‎contractor working near the fence before fleeing back into Gaza, according to the IDF. The damage they caused was minimal. ‎

There was no immediate comment from Palestinian officials on the incident, which comes at a time of renewed violence along the Israel-Gaza frontier.

The series of border breaches comes ahead of “Naksa Day” on Tuesday, when the ‎Palestinians mourn the Arab ‎defeat in the 1967 ‎Six-Day ‎War. ‏Hamas has called for mass protests on the border and urged ‎Gazans to rush the security fence.‎

The military is on high alert and has increased its deployment along the border in ‎preparation for Tuesday. ‎