Some 20 British legislators and 50 guests packed a hall in the British Parliament this week to hear, for the first time, Israel Defense Forces’ reservists speak about the terrorism and rampant human-rights abuses Palestinians perpetuate on their own citizens that they had witnessed in Judea and Samaria.

The event, organized by the My Truth organization as part of its Human Shields Special Testimonies Project, was hosted by MP Ian Austin, who made headlines when he left the Labour Party in February in protest against the anti-Semitic statements and decisions of party chairman Jeremy Corbyn and others.

My Truth is a nonprofit organization whose mission according to its website is “to enable IDF reserve soldiers to share their values, firsthand experiences, and the high moral standards they strive to meet.”

At the event, Austin emphasized the importance of hearing firsthand accounts of the violence orchestrated by Hamas on the Gaza border. He was issued a certificate of appreciation by the reservists, who honored him for his support of the British-Israeli relationship and his commitment to the values of democracy.

My Truth CEO Avihai Shorshan said, “Our decision to hold the event in London’s parliament, in which anti-Semitism and BDS organizations have raised their heads in recent years, is another step in order to bring about a genuine change in the international discourse of criticism against the State of Israel. This event proves that the world is thirsty to hear the entire story and the voice of the soldiers on the ground, and not just another invented scenario or a unilateral description provided by the terrorist organizations.”