The Israeli military confirmed on Sunday that its ‎air defenses engaged a Syrian drone approaching the ‎northern border. ‎

The Israel Defense Forces said a Patriot missile was fired ‎at the ‎target while it was still in Syrian airspace. The ‎drone was not hit and turned away from the border, ‎the military said.‎

‎“The IDF will not tolerate any breach of Israeli ‎aerial sovereignty and will counter any attempt to ‎harm Israeli citizens,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit ‎said in a statement. ‎

Prior to the military’s confirmation, residents of ‎Safed reported seeing the Patriot’s smoke trail in the ‎northern Israeli city’s skies. ‎

Taking to social media, eyewitnesses said the missile ‎was fired at a target launched from Syria towards the ‎Israeli side of the Golan Heights.‎

Last November, a Patriot missile intercepted a ‎surveillance drone that breached Israeli airspace ‎over the Golan Heights border.