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Gal Gadot sweats, cries through spicy chicken-wing ‘Hot Ones’ interview

The Israeli “Wonder Woman” actress told the host the United States, like Israel, has good snacks, but it can keep its hot sauces, since Israel has enough challenges.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot early on in a 10 spicy chicken-wing interview on the show “Hot Ones.” Credit: YouTube.
Israeli actress Gal Gadot early on in a 10 spicy chicken-wing interview on the show “Hot Ones.” Credit: YouTube.

Gal Gadot’s cinematic super powers couldn’t protect the Amazon warrior from an army of 10 fiery supervillains (spicy wings).

The Israeli actress was a guest on the show “Hot Ones,” during which host Sean Evans interviews guests while they eat 10 increasingly spicy chicken wings. The show is part of the YouTube channel First We Feast, which has nearly 13 millions subscribers.

“It comes in waves,” Gadot, known for playing Wonder Woman, says at one point, just a few spicy wings in. “So easy. Too easy,” she said. Evans said he would remember that. Later, Gadot jokes about Evans partner, who never has to eat the wings. She asked if the two split the money 50-50, adding that she has a good lawyer.

After the fifth wing, Gadot began to grow uncomfortable, removing her blazer. The sixth and seventh wings went down even harder. “My tongue is sweating,” Gadot says. “I’m so hot. Oh my God.”

“I’m killing all of my taste buds. All at once,” she adds.

“I feel like I’m eating death,” Gadot says, before eating number eight, Da Bomb sauce. After a tiny bite, she asks, “Is this enough?”

“I’m just interpreting this abstract dance,” Evans says, as Gadot is in obvious discomfort, tears in her eyes.

“It’s hard to talk,” Gadot says. “I know,” Evans says. “We’ve made an interview show and it’s hard to talk.”

Soon, Gadot was spitting up her drink. And then it was time for number nine.

“Maybe when my daughter watches it, she will be so proud,” Gadot says, going into number 10, Apollo sauce.

Evans asks Gadot to do a tongue twister while her mouth is on fire. She teaches him a Hebrew one: “Sarah sings a happy song. A happy song, Sarah sings.” Sarah shara shir sameach. Shir sameach shara Sarah.

Somehow, both performed the tongue twister flawlessly.

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