The Jewish people have never been stronger, and yet the challenges to our survival are immense.  Despite a powerful military and booming economy, the Jewish State is under constant assault militarily and diplomatically.  Jews around the world are facing an increasing wave of violent antisemitism.

With so many eyes focused on Israel, accurate and intellectually-honest reporting about the Jewish State is the exception to the rule. Media portrayal of the State of Israel, its policies and its leaders remains overwhelmingly negative, guided by longstanding anti-Israel bias.

Worse yet, some of the most influential Jewish media outlets are hypercritical of Israeli leaders and their policies, promote the creation of a Palestinian state despite nearly unanimous opposition within Israel, and publish articles that promote progressive values over Zionist values.

To set the record straight, Jewish News Syndicate continues to emerge as a high-quality, accurate and clear-sighted source of news on Israel and Jewish concerns with 20/20 vision on the most important issues. And we poised to grow even more in 2020.

2019 was our strongest year-to-date:

  • 150% growth in unique visitors, sessions and pageviews
  • Added 15 new print and online syndication subscribers (over 100 total)

Readers and subscribers are turning in increasing numbers to JNS for strong and accurate coverage of critical political, diplomatic and security developments, university campuses, antisemitism and boycott efforts, and Jewish communal responses. Our reporting is honest, fair and critically thinking.

New initiatives

We expect our 2019 growth to continue in 2020 with always-improved coverage, new initiatives and partnerships.  In the coming year, we hope to hire additional staff, launch podcasts and video initiatives, and expand our role as the go-to press release wire service for pro-Israel organizations.

We rely on reader support

And yet for all our rapid growth, our budget remains dramatically smaller than most media outlets. High quality Jewish journalism, article-after-article, depends on the support of committed readers and philanthropists who provide the fuel for JNS to continue on its powerful growth trajectory.

As we enter into 2020, we ask you to consider a tax-deductible contribution to Jewish News Syndicate, in the amount of $1,000.  Of course, other sums larger and smaller are also appreciated.

We value your consideration as well as your continued readership and support, and we wish you many blessings for a year of clear vision, health, security and success.


Alex Traiman
Managing Director
Jewish News Syndicate