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Likud MK wins harassment case against left-wing activist

A left-wing protester who installed a barbed-wire fence in front of Danon's family home has pledged to no longer demonstrate near the residence.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon. Credit: Courtesy.
Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon. Credit: Courtesy.

Left-wing activist Hagai Frankel pledged on July 16 before the Rishon LeZion Magistrate Court that he would no longer demonstrate close to Likud lawmaker Danny Danon’s home or harass Danon family members.

Frankel made the commitment following a temporary restraining order issued against him last week after he organized the blocking off of Danon’s house with barbed wire.

Danon requested the restraining order after Frankel allegedly carried out threatening actions against members of Danon’s household and his neighbors, including orchestrating the installation of the above-mentioned barbed-wire fence.

Among other actions, Frankel allegedly shouted at Danon’s underage daughters, activated a sound amplification system and used a megaphone at the entrance to Danon’s house in the early morning hours.

According to police guidelines, quiet protest is permitted in front of Danon’s house at a distance of 70 meters (230 feet). Frankel regularly violated those guidelines, holding loud protests near the gate of the residence.

In the petition, the Danons asked the court to order Frankel to maintain a distance of 270 meters (886 feet) from the house.

“I am in favor of the right to protest, but the law in Israel is clear and determines what is allowed and what is not allowed to be done,” said Danon.

“Israel’s police determine where protesters can demonstrate and where they cannot. Mr. Frankel chose, on a regular basis, to act criminally and attempt to threaten members of my household,” he added.

Frankel was represented at the July 16 hearing by attorney Gonen Ben-Yitzhak, founder of the left-wing organization “Crime Minister,” and former Meretz Party lawmaker Gaby Lasky.

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