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Joe Biden fails to protect and defend US troops in Syria…again

Iran is at the center of, or aligned with, most evil in the world today. Until America is prepared to use military force, evil will continue to be on the march.

Eric Levine
Eric Levine
Repeating a debacle from last October, President Joe Biden has again proven himself unable or unwilling to protect and defend U.S. troops.
In October 2022, an Iranian-funded, trained and armed terrorist organization attacked American forces in Syria. Rather than respond militarily against the source of the problem inside Iran in retaliation for that attack, the Biden administration did little more than issue a meaningless statement and take token military action to create the illusion that the president took Iran’s attack seriously. As part of the administration’s October 2022 response, Army Col. Joe Buccino of the U.S. Central Command proclaimed that the president is determined “to take all necessary measures to defend our people.” It was not true then. It is not true now.

Such platitudes and empty gestures are interpreted by Iran as a sign of weakness and invite further attacks. We learned that lesson again last week. As night follows day, the attacks have continued.

Last week, three suicide drones, manufactured in Iran, were flown into an American base in eastern Syria. Fortunately, there were no American casualties although there were injuries to our Syrian Free Army allies. Without doubt, the attack was carried out by one of Iran’s terrorist proxies in Syria. Right on cue, the same Army Col. Joe Buccino who told us last October that the president was determined to protect our troops issued another statement on Thursday declaring, “Attacks of this kind are unacceptable—they place our troops and our partner at risk and jeopardize the fight against ISIS.”  Col. Buccino would have been better served by saying nothing at all rather than humiliating himself by saying something so vapid and meaningless.

The American people and U.S. service personnel should expect more such attacks, which will eventually lead to American casualties, until the U.S. retaliates against sites inside Iran. Here is the good news: Since drones were used in this recent attack, America has a clear target that does not require placing a single boot on the ground in Iran. We know where these drones are manufactured. A few cruise missiles launched from U.S. submarines or other American vessels against Iranian drone facilities should do the trick.

There is precedent for exactly this sort of action against Iran. In 1988, when Iran mined the Persian Gulf, almost sinking an American vessel, and Iran’s navy attacked American merchant ships, President Ronald Reagan ordered an attack on the Iranian navy. After having half his navy destroyed, the ayatollah surrendered. The attacks on American vessels ended and the mines in the Gulf were disarmed. Similarly, when President Donald Trump ordered the killing of Qasem Soleimani, the leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the world’s leading terrorist, Iran began to rethink its attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq.

An attack on Iran today would deliver many additional benefits for the U.S., beyond persuading Iran to end its operations against our forces.

Such an attack will send a clear message to Iran that it must stop its nuclear program or risk a massive military attack not just from the U.S. but from our regional allies as well.
It will save lives and frustrate Russian ambitions in Ukraine. Iran sells these drones to Russia to use in its illegal war against Ukraine.
American-Israeli relations will improve overnight.

It will encourage Saudi Arabia to join the Abraham Accords and to lower oil prices. Saudi Arabia has been begging the Biden administration to pull out of JCPOA—the terrible Iran nuclear deal. The Saudis will take great comfort from any muscular American response to Iran and will use it as a cue to improve Saudi-American relations.

It will frustrate China’s ambitions in the Middle East. The Gulf states have been hedging their bets against American disengagement and Iranian appeasement by courting China. With an engaged supportive America, they would no longer need China.

It will force China to think twice about invading Taiwan. China is emboldened when it sees American weakness. An American attack on Iran will go a long way (not the entire way) to removing the stain of Biden’s catastrophic surrender in Afghanistan.

The lessons to be learned from Iran’s latest wave of aggression has been clear for decades but are reaffirmed daily. Iran is at the center of, or aligned with, most evil in the world today. Until America is prepared to use military force, evil will continue to be on the march. It is within our power to change course. Unfortunately, it appears that Joe Biden is prepared to oversee the end of the American-led world order. Biden will have again failed our troops and our country.
I look forward to hearing Col. Buccino’s next meaningless platitude. Hopefully, he will not also be regretting the loss of American lives.

Eric R. Levine is a founding member of the New York City law firm Eiseman Levine Lehrhaupt & Kakoyiannis, P.C. He is an essayist, political commentator and fundraiser for Republican candidates with an emphasis on the United States Senate.

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