Jordanian Parliament member Khalil Attieh said in a parliamentary session that aired on Roya News (Jordan) on March 18 that he salutes the Palestinian people, the Jerusalemites and the murabitat in Palestine.

He stood and saluted Omar Abu Laila, “who killed the Jews yesterday.”

Abu Laila is suspected of murdering an Israeli soldier and an Israeli civilian at Ariel Junction in the West Bank on March 17. Attieh said he is a “Palestinian hero.” (For more about Khalil Attieh, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 5941 and No. 6953.)

Khalil Attieh: “First, I would like to salute the Palestinian people, the Jerusalemites and the murabitat in dear Palestine. I stand and salute the Palestinian here Omar Abu Laila, the commander of the battle of Salfit, who killed the Jews yesterday. I salute you, here. May God bless you.”

Note: Abu Laila was killed by Israel Defense Forces special units’ on Tuesday afternoon.