The Arabs are a racist people who “lacks human and ideological awareness,” said Lebanese TV host Joumana Haddad last month.

Speaking on U.S.-based Arabic satellite TV channel Al-Hurra on Sept. 19, Haddad criticized Arabs for looking down on other races and nationalities and for not seeing anything shameful about their racism.

Arab countries, she said, legally condone racism, as well as forms of human trafficking, slavery and systematic humiliation, and are “wallowing” in their backwardness.

“We are racist because we look down upon other races and nationalities, which we consider to be ‘inferior’ to us,” said Haddad, “

“I cannot understand,” said Haddad, “how an Arab can be so arrogant towards other peoples, races, and nationalities. In Ethiopia, they have a female president, while we wallow in our backward patriarchy. Sri Lanka has no power outages, and Nepal is one of the most ancient civilizations in history. Meanwhile, we boast about the oil, which is, in fact, our curse, and we are proud of progress from which we took only the scraps.

“People, we do not belong to the Third World, but to the Tenth world. It saddens me to tell you this. What increases the value of any country is its level of human advancement, how much interest it shows in culture and the role in plays in thought—not how many skyscrapers it has.”

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