Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Sidiqqi said in a Friday sermon last month at Masjid Darussalam in San Francisco, which is the largest mosque in downtown San Francisco and managed by the Islamic Society of San Francisco, that former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who died suddenly on June 17, had been murdered by Zionist agents.

He said that there are many of these agents in the Muslim world, working for Satan.

Siddiqi said that Morsi had only been trying to help humanity by spreading the truth of Islam and its message of justice throughout the world, but that the “forces of evil” did not allow it and will not allow it until the Muslims “connect” with each other and “establish the kind of unity that is required.”

Siddiqi’s website says that he has been serving the Bay Area and the United States since 1983. It says that he currently lectures in Islamic Studies and Arabic at Chabot College, at Mission College, at Ohlone College and at the Graduate Theological Union’s Center for Islamic Studies, and that he is the director of the Islamic Education and Information Center and the founder of the Islamic Law Council.

Siddiqi holds a Ph.D. in Koranic Studies from the University of London and a master’s degree in Koranic Exegesis from Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

The video was uploaded to a YouTube page called IqraTube, which is run by Siddiqi.

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