In recent days, supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) have published numerous posters threatening the United States, many of them based on the March 21, 2019, ISIS video, “The Meanings of Perseverance 2,” which shows footage of the organization’s fighters battling in the town of Baghouz, the last piece of land controlled by ISIS in Syria.

The above poster, also released by Al-Sahra Foundation on the same date, shows a group of Israeli soldiers, one of whom is marked “Jewish soldier.”

The poster, titled “And the Jews became terrified from the Imminence of [the Fulfillment of] the Promises,” is captioned with a message threatening Israel: “We surprised you before and announced the Caliphate in the midst of your guard dogs. Do you expect anything but a dawn like the dawn of the Caliphate anew? We will greet you with it in Jerusalem and slaughter you as animals are slaughtered. Await what we promise you, for you know the truthfulness of our promises.”