An op-ed in the official Palestinian Authority daily identifies Palestinian Media Watch as the organization exposing the P.A.’s messaging, and asks PMW to deliver a message to Israel’s Minister for Public Security Gilad Erdan.

The op-ed by football coach and journalist Abd Al-Fattah Arar goes on to condemn and threaten Erdan for urging the International Olympic Committee to ban the chairman of the Palestine Olympic Committee Jibril Rajoub. The writer opens by asking PMW to deliver his message to Erdan:

“We hope that the unit that monitors the Palestinian media, Palestinian Media Watch, will pass on this message as it has passed on other messages in the past … ”
[Official P.A. daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 5, 2018]

The message to the minister and possibly all of Israel contains a threat and a warning.

“If this threat (i.e., Erdan’s letter to the Olympic Committee) is meant to frighten us so that we will not again defend our cause, we say to you (in plural -Ed.): ‘If you return [to sin], We will return [to punishment]’ [Koran, Sura 17:8, Sahih International translation].”
[Op-ed by Abd Al-Fattah Arar in sports section
of official P.A. daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 5, 2018]

This verse from the Koran that the writer chose to quote is part of Sura 17 that talks about the “Children of Israel,” and their various punishments for their “sins.” The verse following the warning quoted in the op-ed promises “Hell for the disbelievers” (bold below):

“[Then Allah said], ‘It is expected, [if you repent], that your Lord will have mercy upon you. But if you return [to sin], We will return [to punishment]. And We have made Hell, for the disbelievers, a prison bed.’ ”
[Koran, Sura 17:8, Sahih International translation]
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