The Jewish people have much to be proud of entering year 5780. Over the past decade, Israel has emerged as a regional military and economic superpower with greatly improved international diplomatic standing. In the United States, the Jewish community has begun to reckon with difficult questions of maintaining and strengthening Jewish identity. Jewish pride is on the rise.

The Jewish people have also been forced to unite around one of the world’s oldest forces: anti-Semitism. In the past year, attacks on Jews in the United States, Europe and Israel have increased. Deadly shootings in Pittsburgh and Poway, and vicious assaults in New York, have served as reminders that political differences, observance levels and geography do not separate Jews from our unique heritage or create distinctions among our enemies.

In an increasingly hostile political environment, many Jewish media outlets have taken to attacking the leaders of Israel and the United States, even as they help strengthen Israel and the Jews. These dangerous and misguided efforts harm Jewish interests and have turned Jewish diversity—one of the great strengths of the Jewish people—into divisiveness.

In the past year, JNS has provided in-depth coverage and analysis on important issues that impact the Jewish people. Coverage of Israel defense and security, American political developments, university campuses, anti-Semitism and BDS activity, Jewish culture, features on pro-Israel Jewish organizations, and understanding tensions between Israel and the American Jewish community have all led JNS to become the fastest-growing international Jewish news agency.

Our reporting is honest, fair and constructively critical. Our bureaus in Israel and the United States work to build a bridge to keep the Jewish people united over geographical and social divides.

We’ve grown tremendously in 5779 and expect that trajectory to continue in 5780 with continuously improved coverage, new initiatives and added partnerships.

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