The land of Israel, the Promised Land, is never ‎quiet. This is the fate of those who live in a ‎geographical corridor where global trade interests ‎converge, and through which armies and troops ‎have marched in all direction since the beginning of ‎time. We are at the heart of the region, and while ‎this land is devoid of precious resources like oil ‎and its water is sparse, it is not short of stones, ‎sands and enemies, which are all around. ‎

Many ask what is the secret of this land, both ‎blessed and cursed, that it was promised to the ‎people of Israel, which even the Koran recognizes as ‎the chosen people. Why have so many coveted this ‎land—enough to plunder and murder to have it for ‎themselves—to the point where they were denounced ‎and driven out by the power of an ancient prophecy ‎shared by all three major religions and declaring ‎the land must be returned to its rightful owners, ‎the people of Israel?‎

The clergymen of other religions spared no effort to ‎deny the Jews’ right to their country. Some have ‎stated that the Jews “angered God with their sins ‎and were therefore stripped of the promise of land ‎and exiled”; others have claimed that “the people of ‎Israel no longer exist and those of pretend to be ‎Jews seek to rob the land”; and all have ignored the ‎fact that, for 2,000 years, despite horrific ‎persecution, the Jewish people clung to their ‎ancient faith and the divine promise of a ‎specific vision.‎

The Muslims, who deny the Jews’ right to this land, ‎themselves defy the decrees of the Prophet Muhammad, ‎who foretold our people’s return from all over the ‎Diaspora to the land of Israel. For if the ‎Israelites do not exist, to whom did his prophesy ‎pertain? The anti-Semites among the Christians ‎conceal the history of Jesus in Jerusalem, the ‎capital of Israel, and are even willing to deny ‎their religion in order to harm the “captive Judah,” ‎which has broken free of its shackles and ‎established a Jewish state in this land. ‎

Indeed, it is not for nothing that Islam calls us ‎‎“the killers of the prophets.” History proves that ‎they are right: Throughout the ages, our path has ‎always been riddled with homegrown detractors trying ‎to undermine the elected leadership, however ‎successful and whether elected by God or by the ‎people via a democratic process. ‎

Now, too, elected officials’ successes and ‎achievements meet not practical opposition, but one ‎driven by jealousy and a lust for power.‎

The leaders of the left constantly find new ways to ‎grumble and whine. The government’s decision to ‎order the Israel Defense Forces to strike Gaza when terror tunnels ‎were discovered during “Operation Protective Edge” in ‎‎2014 prompted detractors to decry the “blood spilled ‎in vain,” and government prudence during the latest ‎flare-up in Gaza—a policy chosen over complex ‎security considerations—made the left decry the ‎cabinet’s “impotence” and “opportunism.”‎

When the recent discovery of Hezbollah terror ‎tunnels running under the Israel-Lebanon border ‎emerged as the main reason for the restraint ‎exercised in Gaza, past journalists turned would-be ‎generals lambasted the military’s decision to ‎refer to the activities to neutralize the tunnels as an ‎‎“operation,” and questioned why it was the prime minister, ‎who is also the acting defense minister, who ‎declared it. Was Netanyahu trying to take advantage ‎of the operation to distract the public from his ‎legal troubles? Could it be that he turned the ‎cabinet, the chief of staff, the Mossad intelligence ‎agency and the Shin Bet security agency into ‎marionettes, solely for his own personal gain? ‎

The Arabs, for their part, cannot believe their eyes ‎and ears. Those merciful Jews provide food, water, ‎electricity, money and medicines to Hamas in Gaza, ‎when all it wants is to destroy them; just like ‎Hezbollah, which would not have hesitated to use its ‎tunnels to attack the Jewish communities above. ‎

How puzzling, the Arabs think. After all, if they ‎had the firepower the Jews possess, they would have ‎no qualms about killing every last one of us.‎

The Arabs pinch themselves with disbelief, as time ‎and again the successful Jewish people prove that ‎they meet the Prophet Muhammad’s decrees. Believe it ‎or not, at times it seems that Iran, Hezbollah and ‎Hamas are miracles manifested by the God of Israel, ‎as they drive us to succeed and who knows where we ‎would be without them. ‎

Dr. Reuven Berko was the adviser on Arab affairs to the Jerusalem district police and a writer for Israel Hayom.